Traditional Press

Newspapers and magazines have extensive reach to targeted demographics. These traditional channels allow you to build strong brand development and awareness. Through established media relationships, OMGFIVE will provide press coverage of you and your brand and will work with you to covert readers into sales leads. 

Digital Leads Not Just Social Media

Our focus on Digital is about creating leads. Whether that be sales leads or growth opportunities for your brand. We promote sharable content that will increase your website traffic and build a conversation around your brand. There are numerous social platforms and each have their own purpose. What they all have in common is they require engaging content: photos, videos, text and links. OMGFIVE will work with you to promote quality content across the social and digital channels that work best for you.  


Events provide networking opportunities between you and your customers, partners, press and bloggers. OMGFIVE provide event management with a focus on building a positive brand image as well as generating engaging content that can be shared to continue the conversation online. 

Measuring Success

Press reports should be more than collated press clippings. OMGFIVE measure success with numbers. A successful press month should involve more than having your brand featured in a popular magazine. OMGFIVE focuses on how that coverage works to increase your sales and grow your brand. Ultimately, PR should result in a clear Return On Investment.